Fresh Chameli´s Natural
2,50 €
Toast Chameli´s
5,50 €
Guacamole, Smoked Salmon, Roasted Cherry Tomato and Salad
Chameli´s English Breakfast
6,40 €
Tomato , Sausage, Bacon, Eggs and Beans


Andalusian Squid Rings
9,50 €
Fried Breaded Squid Rings
Garlic Prawns
12,50 €
Prawns with Garlic Oil, Chillies and a touch of White Wine
Sliced Iberian Serrano Ham
16,50 €

Garlic Bread

6,40 €
Garlic, Olive Oil, Basil and Oregano
Monte Blanco
7,50 €
Garlic, Mozzarella Cheese and Oregano
10,50 €
Tomato, Rocket, Serrano Ham, Italian Cheese and Oregano


Caprese Salad
9,20 €
Tomato Salad, Mozzarellla Cheese and Basil
Salmon Salad
11,80 €
Spinach, Smoked Salmon, Capers and Cherry Tomatoes
Cuttiefish Salad
15,50 €
Tomato, Onion, Green Peppers and Grilled Cuttiefish with Chopped Garlic and Parsley


Tomato Cream Soup
5,50 €
Chicken Soup
6,60 @
Vegetable Minestrone
7,50 €

Rice Dishes

Mushroom Risotto
11,20 €
Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese and a touch of Cream
Asparagus and Prawn
13,50 €
Green Asparagus, Prawns and Cherry Tomatoes
Chameli´s Risotto
21,50 €
Hummer, Miesmuschein, Cherry Tomaten Venusmuscheln


8,90 €
Tomato, Mozarella and Oregano
Chef´s Calzone
12,20 €
Tomato, Mozzarella, Bolognese Sauce, Salami and York Ham
12,80 €
Tomato, Mozarella, Prawns Garlic Spicy and Oregano


Spaghetti Carbonara
8,90 €
Bacon, Milk Cream, Egg and Parmesan
Linguine Vongole
13,50 €
Zucchini, Clams and Cherry Tomatoes
Fillet Steak of Beef Straccetti Rigatoni
15,50 €
Gegrilltes Rindsfilet, Cherry Tomatoes and Demi-Glace Sauce

Filled Pasta

Lasagne Chameli´s
Fine Lainated Fresh Pasta in the Oven, Bechamel, Mozzarella, Bolognese and Parmesan Cheese
Tortellini Pesto
12,50 €
Tortellini Filled with Cottage Cheese and Spinach with Pesto Sauce
Salmon Raviolis
14,50 €
Raviolis filled with Salmon with Broccoli and Aurora Sauce


Chameli´s Hamburguer
11,80 @
Homemade Beef Burger with Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Chips and Salad
Shoulder of Lamb
19,50 €
Paupiette of chicken, blue cheese, rosemary & beans.
Fillet Steak of Beef with Gren Pepper Sauce
22,80 €
Paupiette of chicken, blue cheese, rosemary & beans.


Grilled Cuttlefish
15.50 €
Hake Grilled
18,50 €
Gratinated Codfish
19,50 €
Tomato and Garlic Mayonnaise


Vegetable Paella
12,50 €
Black Rice
14,50 €
Creamy Rice with Lobster
22,50 €





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